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The DVD contains the full Processed People documentary (40 minutes) along with 140 additional minutes of extended personal interviews with the experts. Plus you'll get another 25 minutes of special feature items -- giving you nearly 3 and a half hours of fascinating, health-enhancing material. The film is shot in the 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. NTSC

This is a film you will want to own and watch a few times -- and give to friends who may benefit from having their eyes opened about the health consequences, good and bad, that come from our dietary and lifestyle choices. People watching this film have reacted by saying, "Oh, now I get it" -- and then seek more information about the healthiest way to live.

Processed People DVD

This film is a unique experience -- thoughtful, entertaining, informative, emotional -- there's no other film like it available anywhere in the world.

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