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"This is the best movie I've ever seen on the connection between health and diet."
-- Saul Greenburg, Glendale, AZ

"A 'wake-up' call with factual, hard-hitting health commentary that is rarely heard. Processed People provides a message of real hope."
-- Rob Drummond, Fort Wayne, IN

"The extended interviews make this DVD an incredible value."
-- Andrea Campbell, Riverside, CA

"I lent the DVD to five of my friends and three of them decided to completely clean up their diet after watching it, as I did."
-- Francois Fournier, Montreal, Canada

"Some of the best films you find out about through the internet and I include Processed People."
-- Wes Asher, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"All I could think of watching this is that I am screwing my kid up by the way I've been feeding him. Watching your video has really helped me a lot."
-- Danielle Kurasto, Detroit, MI

"I know it's not a 'diet film' but I have lost 14 pounds since getting the film a month ago. All I did was cut out processed foods."
-- Cam Weiland, Los Angeles, CA

"I got my DVD the day after I ordered it! Thank you! I really like the extended interviews. They are my favorite part."
-- Kathleen Herman, Las Vegas, NV

"Processed People is the first piece of information I've been able to show to friends and family where they don't pooh-pooh what is being said. For the first time they are talking about making positive changes they need in their lifestyle."
-- Pamela Roth, Arlington, TX

Order Now!"I just received my DVD of Processed People and made my husband sit down and watch it with me. He was very impressed, as was I. Quite a bargain with the quality and quantity of information that you receive. Amazing. I highly recommend it."
-- Mary Wendt, Locust Grove, VA

"The Processed People DVD is awesome - I love it! I ordered more copies to give to anyone who will watch (while still having at least one copy at home for reference!). Nice job -- thank you!!!"
-- Nette Johnson, Blacksburg, VA


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