Jeff Novick -- "Health Food" vs. Healthy Food

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Jeff Novick of the Pritikin Center teaches three easy rules for reading food labels. This is a short excerpt from his incredibly useful presentation -- you will not forget what you are about to learn! In it, you may be shocked to discover that some of the healthy vegan food you've been eating ain't so healthy after all. We're talking some top veg brands! Novick takes you through many veg products with specific information about what you want to eat, and which ones to avoid at all costs.

Novick also destroys the myth that the US ever went on a "low fat" diet. As a former account manager at Kraft Foods, he blows the lid off the deceptive tricks corporate food companies use in order to make (false) claims that their foods are "healthy" or "low-fat."

Email to a FriendThis is an excerpt from Novick's full 80-minute talk at the VegSource 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Expo, which is one of a 12-part series of top health expert presentations. In his fascinating and entertaining presentation, Novick reveals the intentional label deceptions nearly every food company employs, and shows you "how they do that."

After watching his talk, you'll never look at packaged food the same!


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